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        Add:Sanxingyanhang.Economic Development zone ,zhangjiagangCity
          ABOUT US

            Oubeite Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating the R&D,design,manufacturing,and technical service of plastic machineries and peripheral auxiliary equipment. The company is located at the south bank of the middle and lower reaches of Changjiang River called the golden watercourse and is close to and surrounded by big and medium cities including shanghai,Nanjing,Suzhou,Wuxi etc,with river and sea at hand,available with quite convenient water and land transportation.

            By adhering to the enterprise tenet of "Being market-oriented,led by science and technology,rooting from quality,guaranteeing with service,basing on good faith", Oubeite continues to introduce new products,enhance product quality,improve innovation contents,making efforts in estatlishing the marketing awareness of "Quality for today is the market for tomorrow",The products of the company are well sold throughout the country and exported to countries and regions is Southeast Asia,Europe and America etc with excellent performance ,complete service,and good price.

            Main products provided by us:big-diameter hollow wrapped pipe products lines,production line for custom profiles and multi-hlle communication tubes,wood-plastic and artificial wood foaming extruding production lines,PVC tubing production line,PP-R tubing productiong line,antimicrobial stainless steel plastic composite production line,double-tube extruding ling,PVC hot cutting pelletizer line,single and double-screw extruder,various blenders and auxiliary plastic machines.

             Oubeite will keep the enterprise concept of "Creating fine products with competitivenss, winning market with good faith" as always,reward the long-term support and favor by new and old customers with continous afforts and forging ahead with determination You are always welcome to visit and negotiate,and yout advice is always appreciated.We hope to create a brilliant tomorrow hand in hand with you!


        All rights reserved:ZHANGJIAGANG OUBEITE PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTd. Tel:0512-58575369 Fax:0512-58578369 Add:Sanxingyanhang.Economic Development zone ,zhangjiagangCity E-mail:obt@oubeite.com